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AIR is not another stuffy corporate body sending relentless emails. It is a club of fearless, hardworking entrepreneurs and the voice of independents in hospitality.

Our origins

AIR’s origins extend back to 2008, when five fresh-faced, independent entrepreneurs would clandestinely gather over early morning cups of coffee in an undisclosed location in West London. They ran different businesses but faced the same challenge: survival in one of the toughest industries in the world. Hospitality.


years working together

Shared insights

Burdened by frustrations and fears they couldn’t reveal to their staff, these morning meetings allowed members to share insights, tips and contacts. They’d work through problems together, and as time went on, more people joined. Eventually, this group formalised and became what today is The Alliance of Independent Restaurants.

Alliance of Independent Restaurants


original members


It’s still run by the five original members: Erick Kervaon, Lawrence Hartley, Sarah Guignard, Tim Healy and Paul Merrett, who now have an additional decade of expertise and a vast network of contacts in the F&B industry. AIR’s mission is to ensure that independent operators not only survive but thrive.

Alliance of Independent Restaurants



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