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Each and every one of AIR’s Supplier Partners is tried and trusted, having been used and recommended by at least one of the AIR Co-Founders. They come with AIR’s special endorsement, having consistently supplied outstanding products or expertise alongside great value and service.

If you are interested in finding out more about Partner opportunities please contact AIR Hospitality at [email protected].

Food Procurement Company
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  • 100% supplier funded
  • No cost to you
  • Existing client spend over £40 million to give your business buying power
  • No contracts
  • Pick and choose fully-accredited suppliers
  • No compromise on quality

“The Jolly Fine Pub Group had 3 sites, 3 kitchens, 3 Head Chefs and way too many suppliers! The Full Range has helped me streamline our supplier base and – crucially – find the best suppliers in terms of quality, price and service…   It has reduced the workload of my Head Chefs whilst improving GP across all 3 sites. What more could you want?”

Paul Merrett AIR Co-Founder

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Ikaroa | The mother goddess to the stars.

Full Stack Creative & Digital Marketing Agency – Ikaroa are leaders in the industry and have worked with some of the world’s most renowned celebrities, brands and businesses spanning 20 years hence the name, they give birth to stars and stars in the making.
  • Get your free website site and social media audit as an AIR member, contact them.
  • Full Social media management, they don’t just post, they outreach to potential customers, engage, manage all incoming messages and manage reviews across all platforms.
  • Brand awareness & influencer management (Ikaroa work with some of the most known celebrities and are able to delivery brand building, strategy and growth through association)
  • Photography & Videography (30 experts available in the team focussed on different areas photographing dishes from some well renowned venues and chef’s)
  • Expert Graphic design (From logos, menu’s etc to complete interior design, CAD design and conception)
  • Expert Website design with 20+ years of experience (Over 1200 projects completed)
  • SEO specialists managing top brands (Dedicated team for SEO & organic growth)
  • Online advertising, digital marketing & behavioural marketing. (To get maximum return for your buck, Ikaroa focusses and pinpoints the exact customer you’re looking for, not just cast a wide net and hope for the best. — This involves targeting people within a GEO targeted radius who are doing specific things at a certain time of day to encourage orders and get results)

“AIR hospitality represents over 450 hotel’s & restaurants, tech is the backbone of our business therefore we needed the best in the business and looked no further than Ikaroa to help manage all our partners, our website, our emails and all our social media. We’re incredibly happy and look forward to a long standing and prosperous relationship.”

Erick Kervaon AIR Co-Founder

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Insurance Company Specialist in the Hospitality Sector
  • Promises to save you at least 12.5% on your existing business insurance
  • Provides personal cover too
  • Many years experience in the hospitality sector.

“If you’re looking to save money, give Steve at Bedford Insurance a call and he’ll do just that. Guaranteed.”

Paul Merrett AIR Co-Founder

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Hospitality management solutions company
  • Get your free Audit as an AIR member
  • Cloud based, easy access
  • 1-9 venues £260 monthly price per venue
  • Stock, cash and daily task control
  • Staff rotas
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Disciplinary
  • Training
  • Customer loyalty
  • Reservation systems
  • Marketing

“The support we receive from Kobas is always prompt and efficient, giving us great peace of mind!”

Lawrence Hartley AIR Co-Founder

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HR company
  • Get you free audit as an AIR member
  • HR support and advice
  • One to one HR support
  • Very quick response, to your needs
  • Tailor made for you company
  • Executive coaching
  • Training
  • Psychometrics
  • Hr software
  • Employment claims analysis

“Mark inspires you to think about HR as a positive part of your day and will empower you to resolve your issues.”

Lawrence Hartley AIR Co-Founder

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Energy Broker
  • The only UK based company to add 100% renewable energy at no added premium
  • Promises to reduce business spends on Electricity and Gas
  • Create green energy strategy
  • Large buying power, and procurement process
  • Margin control

“We’ve been using Powerful Allies at the Bingham Riverhouse for the past four years and over that time, they’ve saved us a huge amount of money.”

Erick Kervaon AIR Co-Founder

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Law Firm
  • Get your free audit as an AIR member
  • Hospitality sector dedicated teams
  • Cost conscious
  • Dispute resolution
  • Brexit updates
  • Conveyancing
  • Risk management
  • Employment
  • Guinness Book of Records world’s oldest existing law firm est 1570

“I have used Thomson Snell & Passmore in the purchase of a business and I particularly like the fact that you know how much it will cost you before taking them on, so there are no surprises!”

Erick Kervaon AIR Co-Founder

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Chartered Accountants
  • Get your free 30 minute consultation
  • Minimise tax bills
  • Outsource payroll
  • Improve cash flow
  • TRONC scheme set up
  • Employment tax
  • Help with any HMRC or company house issues
  • Taking money out of a business
  • Sale of a business

“We at AIR have found Peter Davies’ advice invaluable from his many workshops, especially when it comes to his advice on an ethical TRONC system.”

Erick Kervaon AIR Co-Founder

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Soho-based hospitality community members club

£50 off the membership fee as an AIR member if you sign up before 31st October 2019 £190 reduced to £140 per annum. Apply here.

  • Huge membership perks, discounts and offers
  • Talented hospitality professional membership base
  • Discounts on food and drink
  • Late night license
  • Very cool location next to Cafe Italian, Frith Street, Soho.

“Great location, welcoming staff, very interesting and inspiring members, we at AIR are very lucky to be involved. Thanks, Xavier Rousset for your warm welcome.”

Tim Healey CEO of AIR

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Hospitality Magazine
  • Design services to fully create customer magazines
  • Leading lifestyle media publisher across South West London and Surrey
  • Responsible for creating the first edition of AIR’S magazine, launching September 9th 2019

“AIR has just started working with Time and Leisure online magazine, we find Commercial Director Mike Reed’s enthusiasm for AIR, inspiring and exciting, and working with him is turning out to be a wonderful partnership”

Tim Healey CEO of AIR

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AIR Partners

Jon Spiteri Restaurant and Bar Consultant

  • Over 40 years in the hospitality industry, Jon can help with everything from design, style, cuisine, menu, staffing, promotion and everything needed to open a restaurant or bar.

“Jon Spiteri. Restaurant consultant, has been a maitre d’ and restaurant manager, through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s in many iconic restaurants, including Joe Allen, St John, Quo Vadis, Holborn Dining Room and more. What a legend… great to have him now as a partner of AIR.”

Tim Healey CEO of AIR

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Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action offers financial, emotional support. Mental health difficulties can strike any of us at any time, so it’s heartening to know that there’s a specific charity out there to provide help and support if things go wrong, even in retirement.

“This industry is down to the people who work by our side on a daily basis, which is why all of us at AIR see it as essential that we support Hospitality Action as our chosen charity. Maybe you’d like to, too?”

Lawrence Hartley, Founder, AIR

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A cost management and operations software designed exclusively for independent food and hospitality businesses.

  • Get your 1 hour free telephone consultation as an AIR member.
  • Cloud based, access your data and reports wherever you are, whenever you need them.
  • See your profit margins at a glance – daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Complete administrative tasks quickly, increase your profits, and get back to the work you love most.
  • Users have increased profits by up to 3% after just a month of use

Pendulo has helped us as hands on business owners to train staff in the small monetary changes that can make or break a business, enabling us to be able to spend more time on driving business and marketing our brand. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Lucy Pedder & Natasha Cooke, Owners, Lupins Restaurant

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A recruitment platform created specifically for the hospitality industry.

  • Highly effective: with 7x more active candidates compared to other job boards, and an average time from post to hire of only 9 days.
  • Dedicated Account Management, monthly reporting and analysis for best results.
  • Unlimited job posting with 2 active ads at any one time with unlimited matches, applicants and placements.
  • 20% discount for AIR Members
  • Standard pricing: £120 per month – Air Member price: £96 per month
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SureFoot Solutions

Food, Fire and Health and Safety Consultants

  • Get your free audit as an AIR member – quote A!R19
  • Policy, HACCP and Risk Assessment Development
  • Routine inspection programmes for sites, based on coaching, driving standards and engaging teams
  • Building relationships to promote a positive safety culture
  • Empowering teams with knowledge and up-skilling them in all thing’s safety
  • Accredited classroom-based training, including Food Safety, First Aid and Fire Awareness
  • Allergen and nutritional information management
  • Supplier auditing
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Preferential rate discounts for AIR members

SureFoot has worked with us since 2006…they support in different parts of the business, they support with suppliers, they also support training the staff so they are not only policing but also guiding. There are different parts of our operation where we rely on SureFoot to partner with us, it’s more than just providing a service.

Nabil Mankarious, Director, Fulham Shore.

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