Our mission is to ensure independentssurvive and thrive across the UK

The hospitality sector relies on independents. Fact.AIR is the only membership group for, and by, independents.Welcoming operators of all sizes, we provide networking opportunities, cost savings, and support.We drive artistic excellence, innovation and culinary trends.

More buying power

With 450 members and counting, we’re here to level the playing field for independents. We demand the same competitive prices suppliers give to big brands. We negotiate lower product prices up and down the entire F&B supply chain. We also help with savings for professional services like insurance, legal, HR, and more.

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Alliance of Independent Restaurants

Expertise and mutual support

AIR started with restaurateurs offering up friendship and contacts over (very) strong cups of coffee. We’re still about joining forces and sharing know-how. We host regular breakfast sessions, workshops with industry figures to help you keep up with changes in the industry, and meet like minded people.

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Alliance of Independent Restaurants

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Becoming an AIR member gives you instant access to a vibrant community.
You’ll benefit from events, cost savings across the sector, and the solidarity of our network.

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